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Carleton College's Oldest All-Gender A Cappella Group


About Us:

Q: When/where does Exit 69 perform?  Can I book you for a gig?
A: Exit 69 typically has one large concert per term in the Concert Hall, sometimes as a lone group and sometimes as a joint concert with another Carleton group. We also perform at various smaller events throughout the term.  If you have an event in Northfield, the Twin Cities, or the surrounding area you’d like us to sing for, please email us!

Q: When/where does Exit 69 rehearse?
A: We meet in the basement of the concert hall, in the first open room we can find.  We try to schedule practices on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings.  Specific times are decided at a scheduling meeting before the start of each term.

Q: Does Exit 69 have any restrictions on the songs they perform?
A: Generally not. We will sing any song that is supported by our members and that one of us volunteers to arrange. Songs are suggested at group “listening parties,” and subsequently voted on by all the members. If even one member is strongly against performing a given piece, it is unlikely the piece will pass.  When planning our songs we try to get in a good mix of genres for each concert.  Take a look at our repertoire page to see what we’ve done in the past.

Q: Does Exit 69 have officers or designated singers for different parts?
A: No, and not really. Exit 69 is a group of equals where everyone solos and has an equivalent voice in group affairs. Some of our members arrange more than others because they have greater levels of experience with arranging, but there is no designated “arranger” in Exit 69. Exit 69’s singers know generally where they sing, but have no firmly designated SATB-type role.  We tend to have pretty large ranges; all of our women can sing both alto and soprano parts, sometimes even tenor.

Q: Are you guys weird or cool? Are your rehearsals fun or intense?
A: Exit 69 is one big (occasionally dysfunctional) family, and we behave accordingly. While we do tend to get very serious and kind of snippy once our concert nears, generally we are pretty goofy, friendly, and often just have really fun, laid back practices. We are all friends in Exit 69, and it is a great place to build connections with upperclassmen. We often eat together as a group, attend musical events that feature our members in situations outside of the group to show them love, and have wild parties as a group several times a term. We have a lot of fun, and are always welcoming new people.


Q: Does Exit 69 audition every year?
A: Yes, we audition every year at the very beginning of Fall term.  We often have group members off campus in any given term, but it is not our practice to audition new singers to temporarily fill their spots. When the inevitable and sad process of graduation shrinks our group, we will hold auditions.

Q: How many new people do you accept each year?
A: We like our group to have between 10 and 12 singers, so however many we need to fit in that range.  We usually accept between 2 and 5 newbies.

Q: What is the audition process, and what are the dates and requirements for auditions?
A: We now have a WHOLE PAGE dedicated to this question.  Hit up our auditions page for the nitty-gritty details of the audition process.

Q: I have no a cappella/little vocal experience. Is it worth my time to audition?
A: Yes! While all of our current members have been singers for a long time, if you’re a nice person with talent and a good attitude, there is no predetermined level of experience or training that is necessary for membership in the group.

Q: I wasn’t accepted the first year I tried out.  Is there no hope for me in the future?
A: THERE IS SO MUCH HOPE!!!  Half of our newest members tried out the year before and didn’t make it.  Often really good singers are rejected because their type of voice isn’t needed in the current ensemble.  The need of the group changes each year so even if you didn’t get in this year, we might be secretly hoping you try out next year.

Q: Does membership in Exit 69 preclude me from participating in other Carleton a cappella groups?
A: No way. Though we don’t currently have any overlap, Exit 69 has had many members from other a cappella groups.  It is a significant time commitment, but if you are up for it we won’t stop you!


Q: What do I do if none of this helped me?
A: Check yourself before you wreck yourself, hit up our Contact Us section, and shoot us an email.

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