Exit 69 A Cappella

Carleton College's Oldest All-Gender A Cappella Group

Contact Us

If you would like information about gigs, cds, etc. please write to our group email or contact your favorite Exit 69 member:

Exit 69 (general group email) – carletonexit69ATgmailDOTcom

Simon Ginet ’14 – ginetsATcarletonDOTedu

Nathaniel Van Wienen ’14 – vanwiennATcarletonDOTedu

David Cutler-Kreutz ’15 – cutlerdaATcarletonDOTedu

Laura Freymiller ’15 – freymillATcarletonDOTedu

Jon Knudson ’15 – knudsonjATcarletonDOTedu

Bethany McHugh ’15 – mchughbATcarletonDOTedu

Lindsey Main ’16 – mainlATcarletonDOTedu

Michelle Mastrianni ’16 – mastriannimATcarletonDOTedu

Chris Nootenboom ’16 – nootenboomcATcarletonDOTedu

Casey Short ’16 – shortcATcarletonDOTedu

Joshua Dickerson ’17 – dickersonjATcarletonDOTedu

Mairead Koehler ’17 – koehlermATcarletonDOTedu

Jackson Raynor ’17 – raynorjATcarletonDOTedu

(Sorry about the ATs and DOTs but we don’t want bots picking up our addresses and sending us mail about ways to improve our love lives, make trillions selling real estate, or how to get cheap prescription drugs. We’re Carleton students with no time for such things.)

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