Exit 69 A Cappella

Carleton College's Oldest All-Gender A Cappella Group


Here is a step by step guide to Exit 69’s audition process!

Step 1: Sign up for an audition time

You can find us tabling at the Activities Fair that happens on the first Friday of fall term. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it.  It’s a big ordeal on the bald spot.  Just find our table and sign up for a 10 minute slot on either Friday night or Saturday.

Step 2: Pick a song

For your audition, all we ask of you is to prepare a song (or even part of a song) to sing for us.  Make it something that compliments your voice, NOT necessarily something you think we’d like to hear.  We want to hear your voice at it’s best, so try auditioning with something that you sing a lot, something you’re comfortable with.  If that’s Happy Birthday, so be it.  Oh, and this is an a cappella group you’re trying out for, so your audition piece will be unaccompanied.

Step 3: Show up!

The most important thing is that you show up for your audition.  Our auditions are traditionally held in the basement of the concert hall.  There will probably be large signs pointing you to us.  Aim to be there about 5 minutes early so you can fill out an audition sheet.  Once your audition officially starts we will run you through some warm-ups, let you sing your song, maybe do some pitch recall or sight reading, then send you on your way.  Voila.

Step 4: Callbacks

Of all the people who try out, we will callback between 5 and 10.  If you are one of those people, we will notify you on Saturday night and you will need to show up on Sunday to endure (or enjoy!) our callback process.  This will involve learning part of a song and singing it with us so we can see how you sound with the group.  We may also mess around and have fun.  The callback process usually takes a few hours.  But then you’re done!  No more auditioning!  The rest of the work is on us.  We usually announce our new members within 24 hours of callbacks.

There, now you know the basics.  For more info on auditions, check out the audition section of our FAQs page.

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